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6V Phonic Spellings 6th January

6th January 2014
Words with AME and AIM
Phonics 5
The long A phoneme is heard in words with the letter string AME  for example, fame, shameless and named.  When ED is added to verbs ending in AME, the AME letter string can still be seen, for example, baked.  When ING and Y are added, the E is removed, for example, name –named. When ING is added, the E is removed, for example, tame – taming.
Learn the following spellings for a test Friday 10th January.
1.    Frame
2.    James
3.    Aimless
4.    Exclaim
5.    Stamens
6.    Namesake
7.    Shameful
8.    Blameless
9.    Framework
10.                       Came
11.                       Dame
12.                       Fame
13.                       Name
14.                       Same
15.                       Tame
16.                       Blame
17.                       Claim
18.                       Flames