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6EV Phonic spellings 18.11.13

18th November 2013

Words with AID and ADE
Phonics 2
The long A phoneme is heard in words containing AID or ADE, for example, afraid and trade.  The AID letter string often occurs when verbs ending in AY are changed into the past tense, for example, pay – paid.  Some verbs that end in AY when changed to the past tense do not lose the Y, for example, play – played.  They have the letter string AYED.  When ED is added to verbs ending in ADE, the letter string remains the same, for example, fade – faded.  When ING and are added; the is removed, for example, fad– fading and shade – shady.
Learn the following spellings for a test Friday 22nd  November.
1.     Invade
2.     Paid
3.     Afraid
4.     Stayed
5.     Decade
6.     Marmalade
7.     Spade
8.     Raid
9.     Fade
10.                         Jade
11.                        Staid
12.                        Trade
13.                        Blade
14.                        Mermaid
15.                        Evade