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6EV Phonic spellings 11.11.13

11th November 2013
Words with AGE
The letter string AGE is usually pronounced with a long A phoneme, for example, rage and page.  However, when AGE is added as a suffix (at the end of a word) it is often pronounced more like IDGE, for example, damage, shrinkage and anchorage.  When ED is added to verbs ending in AGE, the letter string remains the same, for example, cage – caged.  When ING is added, the E is removed, for example, damage – damaging.
Learn the following spellings for a test Friday 15th November.
1.     Damage
2.     Caged
3.     Postage
4.     Wastage
5.     Coinage
6.     Stage
7.     Leakage
8.     Advantage
9.     Sage
10.                        Leverage
11.                        Courage
12.                        Anchorage
13.                        Enrage
14.                        Steerage
15.                        Barrage
16.                        Hostage
17.                        Wager
18.                        wages