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6B War Poetry

Class 6B have been learning about World War I and the incredible poetry that came out of that terrible conflict. We have looked at some of the poetry of Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon and have been inspired by them to write some poems of our own. We hope you like them!


The Damage


The whistle was blown,

Such a splendid few moments.

Looking around this ocean of bodies

Made the devil’s grin fiery.


On the way home to happiness,

My smile suddenly faded.

Because all the houses around me

Were struck by the inferno.


Never say never?

I’ll never be forgetting.

What that evil country did to me…

The nightmares of my friends,

Repeated death, the memories,

Fading away.


The damage is done,

People and houses have gone,

Countless letters sent home

To families of the dead ones.


How many new gravestones will there be?

Of our friends and families,

Petrified people and safe soldiers.

When will this sadness end?

Is there any way to fix the damage?





The Doors of Death


My foot is on the firestep,

Somebody a few feet away from me fell.

Blood gushed from his bullet wound

Like water from a fountain.


The rhythmic boom of five nines

Made your teeth chatter.

The haphazard boom of mines

Pierced your ears.


Suddenly, hell’s groans ceased,

Birdsong began.

It was zero hour.


Many think that dying for your country

Is a noble thing to do.

Is it noble to be blown to pieces

By the devil’s own gargantuan shells?

Is it noble to be shot forty times by a machine gun?

Is it noble to have blood gushing from your mouth?

War is not a noble thing.


I take my foot over the trench.

May 1917 be my last year?

I take my body over the trench.

I fall with the rest.

I see craters as big seas.

I imagine the Grim Reaper with my name on his list.





What’s the Point?


We are facing the enemy,

With numb fingers and worn out bodies.

Waiting for the whistle to blow

For zero hour.

As the rationed rum gets passed around

We are waiting to walk

On no man’s land.


There are rats at our feet

And lice in our clothes.

Younger boys, scared out of their skin,

Wondering whether they’ll ever go home.

The whistle blows and off they go,

Treading carefully on no man’s land.


Guns are fired,

And bombs are thrown.

Soldiers shoot and are shot.

And people say it’s noble enough.

What’s the point of dying for people?

What’s the point of dying at all?




All Alone


Lying there all alone

Wanting to go back home

Dying with nobody with me

Not knowing if I’ll ever see daylight again.


I was always on my own,

But the thought of my family

Made me feel safe inside.

Receiving those heart-warming letters

I didn’t feel so alone.


I knew that I could die at any minute,

But if I did I knew that everybody would be proud of me

I wish so much that I could see my family

It is now 1917.


There is nothing worse than watching

Your friend’s dead body get carried away in a cart.

I miss everybody so much

But all of them are in my heart.



Lucy B.




Will This Be The End?


Our fate is unknown,

Death dancing in our minds.

Family photos wet with tears

Will this be the end?


We trudge with sorrow to our lines,

Our bodies shaking with cold or fear.

The general wishing us luck.

The old rotten cups get passed around,

Will this be the end?


The whistle approaches his mouth,

As well as doom.

But silence still remains.


A man falls with helplessness

Shell shock took another life,

Finally the whistle blows.

Will this be the end?



Zero hour is here,

It’s now or never.

Up the ladder, over the top

Towards the unknown

Will this be the end?


I step on no man’s land.

My gun at the ready.

My life flashing before me.

A pain as a blade strikes…

I fall, clutching my leg.

Will this be the end?




  Waiting for Zero Hour


We all just sat there, trembling,

Waiting for zero hour.

The rum was being passed round to everybody

I saw someone refusing to go over the top

That’s when I saw someone shot

For being a coward.


Then the whistle blew

And I knew what I had to do

I ran as fast as I could,

Trying not to be shot

All my thoughts had come back to me,

My family and friends, I will never see them again.


My friends were being shot down and blown up.

There is only one of my friends left.

He tripped but I knew I couldn’t help him.

I felt horrible not being able to help him.


There were only a few people left until…

A bullet got me right in the heart.

It was time for me to die.

I looked at the picture of my family

One last time.


Sam S.





In the trench,

Hearing the sounds of tanks.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

I thought about my family.

As I look around,

I find my letter from home

All crumpled up.

The first and only letter,

When will I go home?


In the trench,

Feeling nervous.


As the wind whistles,

I read the letter.

Even though it is hard to read

The others are thinking,

Thinking the same as me,

When will I go home?


In the trench,

Looking over.

Looking at what was there,

My friend near me.

Looking at the people

Who are near me

Counting the minutes…

Until this war begins.

When will I go home?


In the trench,

Silence struck.

My letter fell on the muddy floor.

Covered in mud now,

I won’t be able to read it any more.

I could only see a few words,

And it said “Lots of love” with three kisses.

I knew this might be the last time,

The last time I could see or hear these words.

When will I go home?








Waiting for the shell,

Waiting for the whistle,

Waiting to be massacred

In this devil’s funfair.


The rum I can’t manage,

The way it stings,

The way it burns,

The way it reminds me of home.


Everything comes back to me,

My mother, my father

And dear Maureen.


I hear the whistle

My head is screaming

And Archie stands by me,

Dear old Archie.


We played for the same team

Both top strikers

We both scored the same goals.


A host of madcap things

Appear in front of me.

I’m alive, I’m dead,

I’m being sucked into hell.


I scramble over the top,

The guns fire,

The shells crash,

And Archie falls dead beside me.


I can’t stop,

I must keep going,

But I fall too.


The pain in my chest is unbearable,

I scream and look up to the sky.


At home, when I opened my eyes

Nightmares would end.

Maybe, if I closed them this time,

They would be over too.






I Wonder


I wonder why I am here,

In a death trap a million miles from home.

Guns fire and soldiers are shot.

Lying on the floor I gasp for breath

Yet death awaits.


I came here to find world peace

So if this is not the case,

I wonder…

I wonder…


We lose our legs

We lose our lives


Yet death awaits.


I came here to find world peace

So if this is not the case,

I wonder…

I wonder…


We lose our legs

We lose our lives

Yet we get no praise for our sacrifice.

If we are in the trenches

Struggling and screaming

Why are we here?

I wonder…

I wonder…


My hands shake like I’ve had an electric shock

Gas comes around and gun powder too

Black as coal the night sky was.

This place is a prison you cannot escape.

If this is like hell

Why am I here?

I wonder…

I wonder…


Trembling in trenches, terrified and troubled,

Waiting for the enemy to shoot his last bullet.

If I am too sad

If I am too lonely

Why am I here?

I wonder…

I wonder…


I could be at home in my own warm bed

Yet I am here waiting to be dead…

But why am I here?

I wonder…

I wonder…


Lucy W.