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6B Spellings 23rd November

 Spellings: Easily Confused Spellings


These verbs and nouns have related meanings and slightly different spellings because spelling changes when the word is a noun or a verb. The rules are as follows:

§        C for a noun and S for a verb, for example, advice (noun) – advise (verb);

§        TH for a noun and THE for a verb, for example, breath (noun) – breathe (verb);

§        F for a noun and VE for a verb, for example, belief (noun) – believe (verb).


1. advice (noun)

2. advise (verb)

3. belief (noun)

4. believe (verb)

5. licence (noun)

6. license (verb)

7. breath (noun)

8. breathe (verb)

9. shelf (noun)

10. shelve (verb)

11. relief (noun)

12. relieve (verb)

13. cloth (noun)

14. clothe (verb)

15. grief (noun)

16. grieve (verb)