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6B Spellings 16th November 2012

 Spellings: Words with Unstressed Vowels


Some words are tricky to spell correctly because they contain unstressed vowels. These vowels are spoken quietly or quickly or they do not sound out clearly because the stress is on another syllable in the word, for example, everywhere, different and around. In these words it can be hard to hear whether the vowel is AE,IO or U, or whether there is a vowel there at all. Some words are also hard to spell correctly because of the inexact way we often pronounce them, for example, doctor, probably and library.


1. Temperature

2. Probably

3. Energetically

4. Happening

5. Fashionable

6. Voluntary

7. Miniature

8. Vegetable

9. Business

10. Extraordinary

11. Jewellery

12. Miserable

13. Temporary

14. Enthusiastically

15. Everywhere